Adulting is hard, so we've gathered a group of contributors to write about the areas they have mastered - or that they are still coming to terms with. Between all of us here at Adulting 101, we might make one fully functional adult.

Daria Fox-Morrison 
It was Daria's bright idea that we put together our own little effort to share the life skills we have developed. Sometimes she writes, other times she just bosses everyone around. Daria is a life coach, sex educator, cat foster mom, and aspiring farmer.

Roshni McCartney
Roshni McCartney is a 23 year old, married, mother of two. She was thrown into adulting when she found out she was pregnant at 19 and got married not soon after. Her likes include fiber arts, reading, and travelling. Her dislikes include bugs, dirty dishes and screaming toddlers. She is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime with her family in July of 2016, when they will be leaving for France and travelling long term.

Kara Went
Kara Went is the mother of two feral boys, and married to a nurse from Cape Breton (that should tell you a lot). They moved to the Yukon from Nunavut when they had their first child, because it might be handy to live in a town with a road. She fucking loves organization and to-do lists.

Do you have an essay idea that you'd like to contribute? Send us a message with a brief summary and if it looks like a good fit for our audience, and no one is signed up to cover that topic yet, we'll happily accept your work. Bear in mind, this is a labour of love, so there's no financial incentive, but you get full writing credit, and the site is edited and curated. Contributors are responsible for supplying a photo for their article, either one they took themselves, or creative commons (with attribution).